Changes in personalities ordinarily change somewhat with age. But a person with Alzheimer’s disease can change a lot, becoming extremely confused, suspicious, fearful, or dependent on a family member. Zekel Healthcare,  We are striving to help develop and share these findings and applications within the scientific community and the caregivers, patients, doctors.



  1. Katherine Gordy Levine

    Thank you for the follow. Life is a struggle and as an Aone–Aging one ala a WOO–Wise Old One, I watch my brain leaking away. Know as I am told, I am just fine for my age. Phooey, but one has to do what one can as long as one can. Hope some of your followers will check out my blog that tries to offer tips for staying emotionally healthy.

  2. Anna Rivera

    In addition, your loved one’s sense of smell and taste might begin to diminish. If food doesn’t smell or taste as good as it once did, your loved one might be less inclined to eat.

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